Striped Bass and Flounder fishing heats up

More Striped Bass have moved into Duxbury Bay with a little more size to them. mid 30 to low 40in fish were caught yesterday and yesterday evening.

Flounder fishing has been steady around the higher tides. Most of the fish we have been getting are keeper size and up to 20inches.

Attached is a picture from a trip over the weekend.

Striped Bass Fishing Couple Weeks Away

The weather is starting to get warmer and so is the water. That can only mean that fishing is right around the corner. These warm days when the wind blows from the South can only help bring the fish up inside the canal. No word yet of fish being caught in Southern Ma, but a few have been taken down in Rhode Island waters. One fish was taken in the Cape Cod Canal last week, but was most likely a holdover. The Bass arrive in our waters very hungry, and don’t hesitate when we throw them a live mackerel. The Spring bite on a light action rods is one of the best things about May.

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-Capt Willie

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Striped Bass fishing in Duxbury and the surrounding bays in mid to late May produce numbers of keepers ranging from 28 to 35 inch fish. A typical trip consists of heading out off of Gurnet point to catch live mackerel and then bring them back into the Bays to live-line for Striped Bass.
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Striped Bass are moving in

The Striped Bass have moved into Duxbury and the surrounding bays in good numbers over the past week. Most of the fish are small keepers in the low 30 inch range, but are great fish for light tackle gear. A few structure spots have been holding fish but the best bet right now is to find the birds. Each morning their have been birds throughout the bay with loads of fish under them. Put a live mackerel or herring in the middle of the fish and it is a guarantee hook up.

Bait fishing was really good last week, but not so great the last few days and over the weekend. There are some big schools of mackerel and herring out off of Gurnet, but the schools are spotty. Put in some time and you will come across the schools and get the bait you need.

This is a picture from a trip over the weekend with returning customer Russ Pelham. We only managed to jig up a dozen baits, but were able to land 9 or so fish and enough meat for the cooler.

Russ with one of his many fish caught

Russ with one of his many fish caught

Striped Bass season is right around the corner


Striped Bass fishing is just about a month away. The fishing kicks off with early season trips in May and the beginning of June, which can produce a great number of keepers per trip. Once the mackerel arrive, the Stripers are right behind them. Early trips consist of heading out off of Gurnet Point to catch our own live bait, We then bring them into the Bay where the Stripers cant resist. Great early season action on some light gear.