Takes 2nd place in Barbados International

Iv’e been working on a charter boat down in Barbados this winter mainly catching kingfish (wahoo), Dolphin, and Barracuda. We got the opportunity to fish in the three day Barbados International Fishing Tournament this past weekend with boats from all over the Carribean. The first day was tough for us with only one or two take downs without a hook up on a billfish, just some Dolphin and wahoo. six boats out of 30 hooked up on Blue or White Marlins. The second day we got into some action early with a couple quick take downs right up in our spread and was able to hook the second one after a couple hits and misses. We got the fish to the boat for a successful leader and release to put us up in sixth place with one Blue Marlin release. The action seemed to die down late morning until around 1pm when a fish slammed our outrigger and took off screaming. After about a thirty minute fight the fish became tail wrapped and it took a long time to bring up a dead fish on 80lb line. New this year you are allowed to call in that you have a dead fish on the line and you would like to bring it in to donate to shelters. In years past, and other places you have to just throw the dead fish back for the sharks to eat after you get the picture of the catch. I think all tournaments should adopt that new rule. That second fish moved us up into second place at the end of the second day. Unfortunately, that is where we stayed after the final day as we could not manage to get one to take the hook the last day. We had 4 or 5 billfish takedowns but no hookups for us or the first place boat. We ended with the same amount of points as the top boat, but they released their second fish before we released our second fish. We took first place in the Dolphin category with a 41 pounder. There were 17 Marlin, 230 Dolphin and 81 Wahoo caught during the tournament. Fun weekend all around.

The Crew from Legacy with 2nd place in the Barbados International Tournament.

The Crew from Legacy with 2nd place in the Barbados International Tournament.

Striped Bass and Flounder fishing heats up

More Striped Bass have moved into Duxbury Bay with a little more size to them. mid 30 to low 40in fish were caught yesterday and yesterday evening.

Flounder fishing has been steady around the higher tides. Most of the fish we have been getting are keeper size and up to 20inches.

Attached is a picture from a trip over the weekend.

Bluefin Tuna season Starts June 1st

The 2015 Bluefin Tuna season will start on the first of June. Some years we have had the Tuna show up in late May, and some years they are here the first week of June. Last year, they were around for opening day and we are hoping for the same this year. We are now taking bookings for the 2015 season. We are also offering a three trip Tuna package in which you can fish the Spring, Summer, and Fall and save money. Gives you the best chance to catch the fish of a lifetime.

A few pictures from last season.
997092_10152379962067274_4852980570634029182_n One of two fish we caught this day
1471740_10152373832717274_2861777317953250713_n A keeper for the truck. One of four bites we had on this trip.
1510399_10152404352182274_3839519584067713917_nHigh Hook steaming in from a day out Tuna fishing

For bookings please email Willie at [email protected] as I am out of the Country until mid April.
For more information on trips we offer and more about High Hook Charters please visit the website www.FishHighHook.com

Medium Size Tuna are still around.

The Bluefin Tuna have showed up in great numbers. For the last couple years we have not seen the smaller fish which are great for charters. The last two weeks or so have been really good for the high 60 to low 70 inch fish. We have been hooking multiple fish per trip mostly on stand-up gear. Leaving from Duxbury Harbor, its a short ride out to the fishing grounds this time of year on the High Hook.

A nice size Tuna landed on the Ducks Unlimited Charter.

A nice size Tuna landed on the Ducks Unlimited Charter.

Striped Bass Fishing Couple Weeks Away

The weather is starting to get warmer and so is the water. That can only mean that fishing is right around the corner. These warm days when the wind blows from the South can only help bring the fish up inside the canal. No word yet of fish being caught in Southern Ma, but a few have been taken down in Rhode Island waters. One fish was taken in the Cape Cod Canal last week, but was most likely a holdover. The Bass arrive in our waters very hungry, and don’t hesitate when we throw them a live mackerel. The Spring bite on a light action rods is one of the best things about May.

If you would like to book a trip, visit http://www.fishhighhook.com/availability/

-Capt Willie

Book Your Bass Trip For May (save $20)

If you book a Striped Bass trip before May 1st we are offering $20 off your Half Day Striped Bass trip to be used in May.
Striped Bass fishing in Duxbury and the surrounding bays in mid to late May produce numbers of keepers ranging from 28 to 35 inch fish. A typical trip consists of heading out off of Gurnet point to catch live mackerel and then bring them back into the Bays to live-line for Striped Bass.
Days are limited, so book today to get the day you’d like

The Tuna have arrived!

The bluefin Tuna season opened on June 1st and the Tuna arrived right on time. There has been good fishing from Stellwagon Bank, all the way down to Chatham. On Wednesday High Hook landed its first Tuna of the season measuring in at 90 inches (350 plus lbs). We were back at it on Thursday and managed to land two tuna. In the morning we caught a shorter one, and in the afternoon we landed another 90 inch fish. We are back at it on Sunday after this wind dies down. Below are some pictures from this week.

Capt Willie Woodruff fighting a fish

Capt Willie Woodruff fighting a fish

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