Haddock Fishing

The Spring Haddock bite on Stellwagen Bank is a lot of fun and a great way to put some fillets in your freezer. During the Spring, the Haddock come in close on top of Stellwagen Bank to eat sand eels and crabs, and the fishing is awesome. The shallow water on the bank allows us to use light gear and small jigs to target the haddock.
A quick 15 mile run to the western edge of Stellwagen puts us on the fishing grounds. This seasons limit is 12 fish per angler. The fish show up in April and the fishing is good all through May.

Get out there and fill up your freezer!! To book a trip please visit the website here

Haddock Fishing trips Massachusetts.

Tournaments for 2018

High Hook is taking bookings for two tournaments this season. “Hyannis Tuna Fest” in June which is a two day bluefin tuna tournament out of Trader Ed’s in Hyannis. And “Battle of the Bay”, which is a three day bluefin tuna tournament in the beginning of October run out of Plymouth Ma. For more information and pricing please check on the bottom of the Rates page or click here

Adding Another Session To Kids Camp

The 2018 High Hook kids camp sessions start on June 26th. The camp has filled up quick this year so we will be adding another session. It will be run at the same time as the other Session in June, but on a partner boat. The session will be June 26th, 27th, and 29th. please send email to [email protected] for more information on what the camp offers. To visit the website please click here

High Hook kids Camp

Bluefin Tuna Fishing 2018

Bluefin Tuna show up in the Cape Cod waters early June and feed here all summer long .The sharp drop-off along the Southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank creates upwellings which attract baitfish such as sandeels, mackerel, and herring which attract Bluefin Tuna. A quick 45 minute boat ride puts us on the fishing grounds.   Dates are filling up for the 2018 fishing season so book soon . www.FishHighHook.com

A couple giant Bluefin Tuna caught on High Hook Charters

Kids Fishing Camp Filling Up

The High Hook fishing camp 2018 only has two spots left for this years sessions. For those interested, please sign up soon so you don’t miss out. We will be adding another morning session in June as well. Three days of fishing Duxbury, Plymouth, and Kingston bays for Striped Bass, Flounder, Bluefish. For more information on what the sessions offer, please send an email to [email protected]

Striped Bass Fishing The Bays

 Striped Bass show up in Duxbury, Plymouth, and Kingston Bay waters around mid-May. We run 4 hour trips which gives you plenty of fishing time to fill up the cooler.  The trip consists of shooting out of the bay to catch live mackerel in the morning and then bring them back inside to target the channels and rips on the moving tides. When the fish show up in Cape Cod waters in the Spring they are hungry and aggressive so you see a lot of the strikes on the surface. No matter your skill level, its fun for all catching the Stripers on light spinning gear. Dates are filling up so book soon to get the day you would like. 

Striped Bass fishing on High Hook


Striped Bass fishing remains hot

We have been getting a ton of big fish on our trips to Provincetown the last week or so. Using Live bait, vertical jigging, or trolling we are seeing many fish over 25 pounds and some in the mid 30 pound range. It has been fun for customers on the light tackle and spinning rods.
In Duxbury and the surrounding bays the fishing has stayed the same with a lot of fish in the 25-28 inch range, with a few bigger ones mixed in.
Attached are some pictures caught on High Hook the last week.

Striped Bass caught on High Hook out of Duxbury

Striped Bass caught on High Hook out of Duxbury

Good morning on the water

We ran into a good amount of fish on the outgoing tide yesterday in Duxbury Bay with most fish being just short of keepers. As the tide switched it brought in some bigger fish. Good morning on the water with some good people.
Fishing is also heating up in P-Town. A lot of fish in the 20-30 pound range.

A good days catch in Duxbury Bay on High Hook

Fishing Heats Up

The haddock fishing has still been red hot out on Stellwagon Bank. A lot of keeper fish mixed in with some huge cod. A quick 40 minute ride out of Duxbury puts us right in on the action.
The Striped Bass fishing in Massachusetts has also heated up this past week. A lot of fish on either side on the canal and in towards Barnstable harbor. For us in Duxbury we have been seeing more fish each day. A lot of larger schoolies in the high 20 inch range mixed in with keepers 28-34. Mackerel has been good early morning and still gives you the best chance at landing keepers this time of year. bigger the bait bigger the fish.

Tight on a High Hook

Provincetown Striped Bass

Striped Bass caught on High Hook last season

Last June and July was great fishing for big Striped Bass off the coast of Provincetown. A quick 40min run from Duxbury harbor gets us in on the action with big fish 20 to 40 pounds. Also, Mid-May through June is great fishing the local bays of Duxbury, Kingston, and Plymouth. Small striped Bass are showing up any day now and the hold overs from last year have started to feed. Book your day today as days are filling up. www.FishHighHook.com