Big bluefish caught outside Duxbury Bay

During Thursday’s bass and bluefish trip we managed to find some nice sized fish off of Plymouth. The bass fishing was a little slow so we decided to try for some bluefish. Not much of anything going on inside Duxbury bay. There were only a few birds but with no fish under them.

Ryan, Tom, and Greg with bluefish they caught on September 23rd

Nice tuna caught at Stellwagen yesterday

We headed out yesterday morning with a few bluefish for bait as the pogies were not to be found in the morning. We started marking fish at around 9am down deep so we knew they were in the area. We stuck it out for a few more hours and had at least one come up and look at the bait before we hooked up on a fish at around noon. Dave Stala reeled in his first tuna which was around 190 pounds. Slow day but we managed to get a bite.

Dave Stala and his 190 pound tuna

Hot Bluefin Tuna Bite Continues on Stellwagen Bank

The tuna fishing this past week was really good. Landed three tuna for the truck out of 13 fish. The tuna bite has really been more in the afternoon for the last week or so. It seems like a couple boats will get a bite real early, then the fishing slows down until around 12:30-1:00 in the afternoon.  There are definitely some big fish on the bank right now as well. The last three trips out I have had a fish over 500 pounds crash or boil the bait.

Chad Frost with a nice tuna we landed this week

75 keeper tuna

Kite fishing


Slow week but will get better

The Striped bass fishing this past week was really slow with us only catching a handful of keepers.  There should be a wave of big bass coming in soon, or bass in general.

The Tuna fishing is hit or miss right now.  One day its hot and the next there is no fish to be seen.  That should also pick up within the next few days. I think that Northeaster messed with the fish.

Small bluefish have came into the bay and you can catch them at high tide from Duxbury bridge. People are catching them on clams from the bridge. If you have a small boat you can cast any small plug at them. ( great for tuna bait).. But I realized the hard way that yes,, bluefish do eat bluefish out at the bank.