Striped Bass fishing remains hot

The Striped Bass fishing in Duxbury and the surrounding bays still remains hot. Tons of fish from 30-37 inches, but we still have not seen many big ones (40+) yet. Still the best way to catch them is with live mackerel.
You will see a bunch of boats trying to get mackerel at the last green can off of Gurnet,but the bait has moved out to deeper water. We have been getting all the mackerel you want in 90 feet of water just East of Gurnet. No need to drop your jig down deep as the mackerel are only about 5-15 feet down. As of late we have been seeing mainly tinker mackerel which work great for Striped Bass, but not so great for Tuna. If you give it some time you will get a few bigger ones. Your best bet would be to get a few good side ones and then head across to the Bank which is loaded with bait right now

Kelly Pelham reeling in a good size Bass from a trip over the weekend

Some fish on deck