Plenty of Striped Bass on Friday

On Fridays trip we headed out 4 miles to find some live mackerel. I went along the Eastern edge of Brewers ledge and found small schools of bait, but enough to fill the live well right up. We headed into Duxbury Bay for a nice morning of fishing. Jason Trulby, his son Max, and a friend managed to catch around 30+ keepers and a few that were short. Another great morning on the water with perfect weather.

Max Trulby with one of his many keepers

High Hook lands a keeper Tuna

High Hook broke the ice with a nice sized Tuna today. We managed to get a bite late in the afternoon on a live mackerel. Bobby Schnibbe was on the reel for about 35 minutes before we landed the fish. The first of many to come!

Capt Wilie Woodruff and Mate Bobby Schnibbe with a Keeper Tuna

Last chance for Fathers Day Gift Certificates

Still need a last minute gift for your father for fathers Day? A half day Striped Bass trip in the Bay is a great idea. Or, him and some buddies could spend a full day on the water trying to land a Bluefin Tuna. It’s a gift he will love. Buy it now and let him pick a day that works best for his schedule. Today will be the last day I will be sending gift certificates through the mail. Call or book online. You will still be able to pick them up locally anytime before Sunday.

Striped Bass fishing remains hot

The Striped Bass fishing in Duxbury and the surrounding bays still remains hot. Tons of fish from 30-37 inches, but we still have not seen many big ones (40+) yet. Still the best way to catch them is with live mackerel.
You will see a bunch of boats trying to get mackerel at the last green can off of Gurnet,but the bait has moved out to deeper water. We have been getting all the mackerel you want in 90 feet of water just East of Gurnet. No need to drop your jig down deep as the mackerel are only about 5-15 feet down. As of late we have been seeing mainly tinker mackerel which work great for Striped Bass, but not so great for Tuna. If you give it some time you will get a few bigger ones. Your best bet would be to get a few good side ones and then head across to the Bank which is loaded with bait right now

Kelly Pelham reeling in a good size Bass from a trip over the weekend

Some fish on deck

The weather finally clears up

The wind has been blowing ever since the Tuna season opened up late last week. The weather has finally cleared up for this week and into the weekend. There has been a couple fish taken down in Chatham, but not much has happened up our way yet. Hopefully with this calm wind and warmer weather the Tuna will move in to the Hill and the Corner. With as much bait as there is at Peaked Hill the Tuna should come looking.

The Northeast wind we had for the last few days moved the Mackerel out to the deeper water and away from Gurnet. Mackerel fishing should pick back up again in the next day or so as well.

Locked and loaded

A few Canyon trips still left (July)

We still have openings for the action packed Canyons trip onboard the 38 foot “Bank Tank”. All Food and drinks provided.

While fishing the Canyons you have a great chance of hooking up on a variety of fish. When the Captain announces “Fish On!” and your line is screaming off the reel, an amount of nervous excitement abounds in wonder if it can be the highly coveted Blue Marlin or Bigeye Tuna.

You have the opportunity for five lines to go off at once. You begin to land fish with the first a 30 pound Mahi Mahi. The next two are 75 pound Yellowfin Tuna. The fourth fish a 40 pound Wahoo ( hands down the best tasting white fish in the ocean,) and the last, a 200 pound Bigeye!

A two hour battle with a 300 pound powerful Bigeye Tuna in which the angler is the victor. Needless to say the celebration begins with uncontrollable and unstoppable high fives!

As the Sun begins to set some think the fun is over, but this is when we set up on a drift along the canyon wall and begin to chum like crazy. Fishing four lines at night at varying depths allows us to catch swordfish on the deep drop, Yellow Fin on the mid range rods, and huge Mako’s coming right into the underwater lights on the top line.

Here is an example of a weekend trip (all trips don’t have to be on weekends)
-We leave the dock Friday night between 6-7 PM
-Wake up Sat morning on the fishing grounds and fish that morning and afternoon
-Saturday night we night fish for Sharks, Swordfish, and Tuna.
-Wake up Sunday morning and fish the morning bite
-Return to the dock Sunday afternoon

We do not run this trip all season long so Book now to reserve a spot. We recommend up to four customers.