Striped Bass fishing should start any day

Once the rain and wind settles down mid week, I am expecting the mackerel and herring to be around Gurnet Point. We went out on Friday to see what was out there in the way of bait and we came up empty after about an hour of jigging. Some Striped Bass have been down towards the canal for some time now, so I am expecting them in Duxbury Bay any day now. Some early season Striped Bass fishing with live mackerel on light gear is always fun for everyone. If you haven’t booked a trip for May, do so before we fill up.

Capt. Willie with a Striped Bass from the Casey Roberts trip last season

Seeing all the sand eels, mackerel, herring, whales, and hundreds or dolphins out at Stellwagen the other day got my hopes up that it will be an early start for Tuna fishing. Get ready, they will be here in no time..

Mackerel and Herring are on there way

The Cod fishing right now is pretty bad. There were draggers all winter dragging the bottom of Stellwagon Bank, which cleaned them out for the most part. Still some keepers around, but it is very spotty.

The good news is the Southwest Corner the other day was loaded with whales and Dolphins. Schools of Mackerel and Herring were all the way from the SW Corner to the Eastern Edge.
On the way in I saw huge schools of Mackerel and Herring on Brewers ledge, which is a few miles off of Gurnet Point. By the end of this weekend you should have no problem getting mackerel close to shore.

As for Bass fishing, I have heard of one short Bass caught in the Bay. Once the bait moves in closer we should be able to see what’s in the Bay now. It won’t be long until we have some of those days where we are catching 20-30 keepers a day on Mackerel.

Cod season started up today

The Cod season started up today and the reports were that the fish were scattered all over the place, but not in big schools. The boats that went out today all got cod, but not in the numbers like we are used to. Some haddock could be found out on the Eastern edge as well as Red Fish in the deeper water. The mackerel were all over Stellwagon Bank which mean they should probably be off our coast by the weekend. I will be heading out tomorrow to see what we can find..

Good News for People Who Like to Eat Tuna

I have some good news for the clients who like to keep and eat Bluefin Tuna. For the last couple of years we have had to release any Tuna measuring over 59in or under 73in back into the water to swim another day. This was done to protect the 2005 football size Tuna class. Those Tuna are now around 73in so there is no need to have the slot on them.
I was at a seminar for the Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Ass on Tuesday night. They brought Emily in from Tag a Tiny program to speak about the last ten years or so of Tuna tagging research. She had mentioned that the slot that has been in effect since 2009 will most likely be lifted this year, although it has not been done yet. Good and bad news. The good news is that you guys would be able to keep the Tuna…. The bad news… is that you guys will be able to keep the Tuna,, and I have to cut it up.

A small sized Tuna caught on High Hook in 2011