Jack Murphy catches a 79inch Bluefin on 6/17/11

Jack Murphy landed this 79 inch, just under 300 pound Bluefin Tuna on our trip last Thursday. We had hooked the fish on a pogie about 10 feet from the boat on a free swimmer. The bite was down near the golf ball behind P-Town. The fish took around 40 minutes to pull up.

Jack Murphy with a 79 inch Bluefin he caught on board the HIgh Hook

Live bait fishing

Pelham trip lands some nice Striped Bass 6/20/11

Russ Pelham and his daughter landed some nice Striped Bass on our trip this week. The mackerel fishing was real slow. The only real way to get them was to spot them on the surface and drive right over them and get the lines full. We did that for about 30 minutes until we had the live well full. The Striped Bass bite was a little slow but we still managed around 10 keepers or so. I don’t plan on the Mackerel being here much longer as we might have to start chunk fishing or using live pogies.

250lb Tuna Caught on Friday

The Tuna have not really shown up at Stellwagen Bank yet this year. I have marked a few fish and seen a couple crash but that’s about it. Right now we are fishing down around Nauset and further to the South. After having a few fish miss the hook the day before we finally managed to hook one on Friday afternoon. The fish was 77 inches and weighed around 250lbs. I have been seeing some fish moving North around the Highlands area on the back side of the cape. It should be soon when those fish make it to the Bank. There is a ton of life out there with whales and seals everywhere feeding on the sand eels. Also, about ten minutes after we bled and gutted the tuna we had around an 18 foot Great White come up to the boat and do a circle around us. A little sketchy..

Fish On

35 Pound Striper caught in the Bay

We had a great day of fishing on Saturday during a Striped Bass trip where we caught around 25 keepers. The Mackerel were real easy to get right off of Gurnet Point. After about 20 minutes of fishing we filled up the livewell. Most the Striped Bass were in the low 30’s but towards the end of the trip we found some bigger fish. We were mainly using live Mackerel but had no problem fishing the dead ones as well. The last two fish we caught were around 30 pounds and a nice 35 pounder.

Charlie Sovik and his son with a 35 pound Striped Bass taken out of Duxbury Bay