Slot size tuna caught on Fridays trip

On Friday we headed out to the Eastern edge of Stellwagen Bank to look for the slot size tuna. The seas were choppy, but the bite was really slow with only a couple of boats hooking up in the morning. There were a bunch of whales in the area so we stuck it out. Around noon we managed to get a take down on a deep diver rig. After about a ten minute fight, we got the fish to the boat. Nice 51in slot size tuna.

Murphy crew with 51inch tuna

Big bluefish caught outside Duxbury Bay

During Thursday’s bass and bluefish trip we managed to find some nice sized fish off of Plymouth. The bass fishing was a little slow so we decided to try for some bluefish. Not much of anything going on inside Duxbury bay. There were only a few birds but with no fish under them.

Ryan, Tom, and Greg with bluefish they caught on September 23rd

Patrick Murphy lands his first tuna at Stellwagen today (video)

The calm before the storm…..There is still hardly any bait in the bay right now. We went out to the bank today with one bluefish, and thats all it took. A few fish came through the bank this morning and we were able to hook one on a bluefish from the kite. Patrick Murphy reeled in his first tuna which measured 63in.