Nice tuna caught at Stellwagen yesterday

We headed out yesterday morning with a few bluefish for bait as the pogies were not to be found in the morning. We started marking fish at around 9am down deep so we knew they were in the area. We stuck it out for a few more hours and had at least one come up and look at the bait before we hooked up on a fish at around noon. Dave Stala reeled in his first tuna which was around 190 pounds. Slow day but we managed to get a bite.

Dave Stala and his 190 pound tuna

600lb giant tuna caught

On Friday we headed out early in the morning and got to the bank by 630am. Around 30 minutes later, without marking or seeing a single fish, our line went off.  Luke and Ryan Stevens jumped on the reel and battled the fish first. After about 40 minutes we were able to get a good gauge on how big the fish was as it showed itself at the surface. The fish then dove and it was a matter of just lifting the tuna from 150 feet down. We harpooned the fish around 8:40am and got the fish to the boat 10 minutes later..

Luke and Ryan Stevens with their giant tuna caught Friday, Aug 6, 2010