Great striped bass fishing in the bay. Tuna remain off the bank

30 pound Striper caught by Pete Bizinkauskas

The striped bass fishing in the bays is above average right now with live pogies or mackerel. A lot of 30-40 inch fish have been working the rips on falling or incoming tides. The best way to get them right now is to use live mackerel while drifting through the rips. We have been getting a ton of fish doing that.

The mackerel are still real thick at High Pines and Farnum rock. The mornings are still the best time to get them real thick, but they have been around throughout the day.

Tuna tuna tuna. The tuna have been West of the bank for the last week or so in small pods crashing the surface. Although they are tougher to catch when they are like this, they will still hit sand ell looking plugs or live bait thrown at them. The fish have been ranging from 60 inch fish right up to big giants.

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