Where is the bait? Tuna spotted inside Mass bay

With no pogies in the bay right now, we have been heading up to Farnum Rock off of Green Harbor for mackerel. They have been really thick there for the last week or so. The best depths for them is 40-60 feet of water. You can mark them on your fish finder as streaks of green or red.  The big clumps of bait along the bottom is Pollack, the mackerel are found anywhere from 10 feet below the surface to 10 feet above the bottom. The best time to get them is early morning right after sun up, but they have been found there throughout the day.

Kite fishing with mackerel for tuna

One my way back from the Bank yesterday we ran across schools of Bluefin Tuna 4-5 miles off of Gurnet. Some people saw some small football size ones working under some birds. I ran across a school of giants pushing the surface just East of Brewers ledge.

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