Great striped bass fishing in the bay. Tuna remain off the bank

30 pound Striper caught by Pete Bizinkauskas

The striped bass fishing in the bays is above average right now with live pogies or mackerel. A lot of 30-40 inch fish have been working the rips on falling or incoming tides. The best way to get them right now is to use live mackerel while drifting through the rips. We have been getting a ton of fish doing that.

The mackerel are still real thick at High Pines and Farnum rock. The mornings are still the best time to get them real thick, but they have been around throughout the day.

Tuna tuna tuna. The tuna have been West of the bank for the last week or so in small pods crashing the surface. Although they are tougher to catch when they are like this, they will still hit sand ell looking plugs or live bait thrown at them. The fish have been ranging from 60 inch fish right up to big giants.

Where is the bait? Tuna spotted inside Mass bay

With no pogies in the bay right now, we have been heading up to Farnum Rock off of Green Harbor for mackerel. They have been really thick there for the last week or so. The best depths for them is 40-60 feet of water. You can mark them on your fish finder as streaks of green or red.  The big clumps of bait along the bottom is Pollack, the mackerel are found anywhere from 10 feet below the surface to 10 feet above the bottom. The best time to get them is early morning right after sun up, but they have been found there throughout the day.

Kite fishing with mackerel for tuna

One my way back from the Bank yesterday we ran across schools of Bluefin Tuna 4-5 miles off of Gurnet. Some people saw some small football size ones working under some birds. I ran across a school of giants pushing the surface just East of Brewers ledge.

Two keeper tuna landed yesterday

Keeper tuna landed on Thursday

On our trip yesterday we landed two keeper tuna, one 75 inches and the other 73 inches. We hooked our first at slack tide around 11am and the other at 2pm. We only had a few baits so we fished one at a time from the kite. Still seeing a lot of big fish on the bank. Every other trip out now we have one boil or crash the bait. The boat next to me hooked a big one around 800 lbs but lost it.

The bait has been really hard to come by for the last couple of weeks. Pogies in the bay have been real tough for the guys netting them and the mackarel have been thin up by Green Harbor. Also, there are a ton of Striped bass and bluefish on the bank right now

Hot Bluefin Tuna Bite Continues on Stellwagen Bank

The tuna fishing this past week was really good. Landed three tuna for the truck out of 13 fish. The tuna bite has really been more in the afternoon for the last week or so. It seems like a couple boats will get a bite real early, then the fishing slows down until around 12:30-1:00 in the afternoon.  There are definitely some big fish on the bank right now as well. The last three trips out I have had a fish over 500 pounds crash or boil the bait.

Chad Frost with a nice tuna we landed this week

75 keeper tuna

Kite fishing


Tuna fishing is on fire!

Tuna fishing was on fire today for the 60-70 inch range. We managed to land 7 with the biggest one being 70 inches. They were loving the kite today on the bank. We ended up only fishing one rod to conserve the bait. A lot of bass and bluefish on the bank as well. Tons of tuna all over the SW corner all day long. Back at it again tomorrow, Hoping for some of the bigger boys.