Keeper striped bass caught today.

Striped bass caught on May 8th

We got some Striped Bass fishing in today after the thunder storms rolled by. The mackerel were not as thick as they were the other day. It took three of us about 25-30 minutes to catch 20 or so. They were in closer to Gurnet today, about a mile off of the point.

We fished the incoming tide in the local rips and were getting fish on just about every drift. We caught 11 striped bass with 7 of them being keepers. Biggest fish was 32 inches. Not a bad day for early season stripers!

Mackerel found off Gurnet Point and Green Harbor

Mackerel Cape CodThe Mackerel have been found off of Green harbor. You can jig some up off of Gurnet point as well but they are thicker up north.. The best way to jig for them is with a sabiki rig Try different depths as sometimes they are only 10 feet down and other times they are towards the bottom.

By the end of the week the bait should be pretty thick off of Gurnet point. Also, a few bass have been found in the bay, but with the mackerel here, the bass fishing should heat up by this weekend. I am going to try and get out this weekend for Cod if the wind dies down.