Winds force mackerel and herring close to shore with tuna following

Last week some strong winds pushed tons and tons of mackerel and herring off of Gurnet as close as the last green can. We marked them from the green can out to brewers ledge, and there was tuna on them.

Most of the bait was small mackerel around five – six inches  ( they work just as well) but every so often we would get some nice ones. There were also some bigger herring down towards the bottom.

If you are driving around out there and on your fish finder you mark any yellow green or red lines, drop you jig down because its the bait. Small Sabiki rigs will work the best for the herring and smaller macks.

And yes, there was tuna jumping and boiling the water early in the morning close to Gurnet chasing the macks.  If you see them while your getting macks put a line out with light floro attached to a  small hook and you should get a take down