700lb Bluefin landed on Saturday

After a bumpy ride out, we got to the bank realizing that the live well pump had blown out.  When i opened the well i saw 15 dead pogies at the bottom with no water.   I got a few live ones from the other boat out there and we were able to get one up on the kite.  Around noon there was a huge boil under the kite, but it missed the bait. A half hour later one of the guys on the charter told me to look at a whale which was on the other side of the boat.  When i turned back around I looked up at the kite and noticed it was going down towards the water.  A second later the clip released and there was a huge boil. We were tight on a giant.

The fish ran about 4 hundred yards and jumped a few times before we were able to gain some line on him. The fish came up to the boat dead 2 hrs later.  (105 inches)

The Giant and the crew

The Giant and the crew

Me and Boon before it goes on truck

Me and Boon before it goes on truck


75inch Giant caught on Friday

75inch Bluefin Tuna

Peter Noris and his 75in Tuna

       bluefinbleeding                    striper

giant tuna

Although bait is really hard to get right now, we made it out to the bank with 3 live pogies.  There is  a ton of big bass out there right now so we lost the first two pogies to them.  Great tuna bite from 1030 and on. We hooked up on a nice 75inch fish at 11am and got it to the boat by 1130.